See Birds of Prey

Make time to see a Birds of Prey program, where you can meet live raptors and learn more about their vital role in the ecosystem.

This family-friendly ranger activity takes place at the Big Meadows Amphitheater, in the picnic grounds area (near milepost 51 on Skyline Drive.)

Dates and times vary throughout the season. The 2019 Ranger Program Schedule  is available here. Programs are cancelled in the event of lightning or other severe weather.

If you want to see the birds of prey in their natural habitat, ask park rangers to suggest trails to mountaintops where the peregrines nest.  Then watch the young ones fly at incredibly high speed as they perform astounding acrobatics. You’ll be amazed – even awed – as you watch peregrine siblings play, gripping their talons together and tumbling through the air.

Birds of Prey
peregrine falcon

If you’d like to explore how our park biologists are helping relocate coastal peregrine chicks to the mountaintops of Shenandoah through a process called hacking, click HERE to learn more.