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Stargazing at Shenandoah

Photo credit: Greg Redfern (The Sky Guy)

Shenandoah National Park is the perfect place to enjoy a view of the star-filled night sky, without the light pollution of developed areas.

As the sun goes down, a different kind of opportunity to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty emerges. Stars sparkle with more intensity, and constellations come into clearer view.

Depending on the time of year, celestial objects viewed can vary from a quarter moon to the planets, distant galaxies, star clusters, nebulae and double stars.

Free stargazing presentations are held weekly at Skyland and Big Meadows Lodge. Program start time varies based on sunset. Discussions are led by Greg Redfern, an adjunct professor of physics and astronomy at George Mason University and a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador.

See dates and times at Shenandoah's Stargazing Event Calendar.











Let's Talk About Space!

NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador Greg Redfern, an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, offers his knowledge and passion about the solar system during 30-minute presentations at Skyland and Big Meadows Lodge, followed by star gazing. To see what's coming up next, see the Shenandoah's Stargazing Event Calendar.

Did You Know?

The National Park Service turned 100 in 2016.