There is only one Skyline Drive.

Remember when driving was fun? This 105-mile national scenic byway offers endless views atop Blue Ridge Mountains.

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National Parks: America's Best Idea

"I can still remember the warmth of my father's hand as we walked together, and him describing every tree, and plant, and animal that we saw." - Ken Burns recalling his visit to Shenandoah National Park

What to See

Mountaineering Adventure

Exposed summit rocks in the park are a billion years old, and offer spectacular panoramic views and scramble opportunities.

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Feel the Rush

WhiteOak Canyon features a series of spectacular falls. The first drop is the most impressive with 90 feet of thundering water tumbling into a rainbow mist.

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Sleep with the eagles

Perched high about the Shenandoah Valley, Skyland Resort offers lodging and dining at the highest point along Skyline Drive (3,680 feet).

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In Focus

Cascading Waterfalls

Up close and refreshing, South River Falls offers dramatic views along the trail. This 83 foot waterfall is the third highest in the park. ... more

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